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B.A.S.K. Bar & Grill is East Street’s burger, sushi, and noodle restaurant and craft bar providing accessible, unique, and island-influenced offerings with innovative alcoholic beverages delivered by a welcoming team of passionate servers and cooks who provide a one-of-a-kind experience in an energetic and eclectic environment.

The B.A.S.K. food menu is built on three central pillars—burgers, sushi, and noodle dishes. A selection of gourmet signature burgers, along with Bahamian-friendly cooked items in sushi rolls and hibachi is offered. The menu is rounded out with modern pub dishes, some with distinctive Japanese twists using selected. Besides indulgently fun items, B.A.S.K. provides lighter options to appeal to patrons wanting something a little healthier. Chef-inspired built salads are offered, as well as noodle bowls featuring fresh local fish and colorful fruits and vegetables. House-made items lend a quality and freshness statement to the concept, along with fresh local fish in season and local produce ingredients and seasonings. 


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