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Please note our reservation policies before placing your reservation.

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  • If an incomplete party arrives for their reservation
    for their desired time, they have the will have to wait until their
    full party arrives. After 20 minutes if the full party hasn't arrived, those who have arrived will be seated and served. If and when the remainder of the party arrives, they will be seated according to availability.
    Parties who need additional seating for an unexpected increase
    may not have their request fulfilled depending on the traffic of
    that night.
Table with people_7.jpg

Large Groups

  • Parties of 8+ require a deposit of $10 per person.
  • Parties of 10+ will be charged a higher percentage of gratuity.
This is to properly compensate our servers for the amount of service that is required.


  • A $100 deposit is required to reserve the chosen time and will go toward the bill at the end.
  • We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes after your set reservation time. After 15 minutes, we will consider your reservation as a no-show.

Proceed to reservation.

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